Flat Life® by NJA WARD®

Flat Life

'Flat Life' is a creative response to living alone in a Flat.

The absence of interaction with others, led to exploring ways of relating to domestic space in a way that was emotionally uplifting. Without a creative response, looking at a washing up bowl 3, 4 or five times in a day – every day – becomes tedious!

'Flat Life' is a growing series of illustrations (currently 17) reflecting perspectives of a living environment that are ordinary, mundane and commonplace – but are perspectives of living viewed, by most people, often several times a day for the rest of their lives.

Although commonplace, they are paradoxically also glimpses of experiences that are, strangely enough, often very private i.e., pouring water from a kettle, glancing at a plate of food, seeing clothes lying across a bed.

I hope that by recognising, distilling and presenting them in this slightly 'quirky' way (the geometrical perspective is deliberately altered, the line is knowingly 'childlike' and the colors are intentionally simplified), this series will offer an interesting and amusing way of relating to these experiences.

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